We are a self help society of people who are overcoming and assisting others to overcome the challenges of riding after a motorcycle accident.


We continue to ride and support others to do so after a road casualty and overcome the hurdles, because of our love of riding, the shared experience of our ordeals and the social and mental health benefits derived from it.

Our Society is strictly about fun, riding motorcycles, good ol days, campsite stories, rallies, pubs, parties and general biker things.

Our priority is to help ourselves and each other.


We are not an MC, MCC, RC, side patch, 1% or other But there is a one piece back patch available on merit in some countries. We are a "SOCIETY", a self help social club who all have one thing in common, "CRASHING".

"RIDE TIL YOU ROT" members are friends to all riders, no matter what their affiliation.

We are here to COMPLEMENT not COMPETE with other Clubs and is open to all males and females/pillions/riders who have been down at least once, no matter how minor or serious the injury. You dont have to be disabled, although we do have a large proportion of members with a variety of disabilities. If you ride a motorcycle or trike still, or would like to get back on, that's what we are here for. Our members average ages range from 20 to 75! The majority are over 30. We have members from all sorts of clubs and backgrounds in our ranks.


We are looking for new genuine members and people to become Reps around the UK, Scotland, Wales and Ireland to make the society a success and to form local area meets.

We are also very active in many overseas countries like South Africa, Australia, USA, Czech Republic, New Zealand and Asia so check your local reps on the forum or contact Manda if there are no chapters in your country, Canada we are talking to you! :)