We try to provide the members with information that will assist them in maintaining a friendly and respectful understanding between RIDE TIL WE ROT MEMBERS and members of the many motorcycling organizations that share the roadways worldwide.

RIDE TIL WE ROT SOCIETY is here primarily to provide support and assistance to all Motorcyclists/Trikers from whatever background be they from an MC, MCC, RC, Brotherhood or Independent riders

 RIDE TIL WE ROT SOCIETY is not a motorcycle club, nor will it ever be one. But with us being in the motorcycle community this does carry with it responsibilities.

 When dealing with other groups always remember protocol, respect and acceptable behaviour you only get it if you use it yourself.

NO individual or group has any right to start any kind of separate area organisation RIDE TIL WE ROT is and always will be one society, no offshoots (this applies worldwide).

The objectives of the RIDE TIL WE ROT SOCIETY shall be to COMPLIMENT AND NOT COMPETE with all motorcyclists

To promote Motorcycling, friendship and camaraderie with all our members and other Bikers/clubs etc.

 To maintain and promote the rights of all motorcyclists. And to help Bikers/Trikers in getting back on board. We provide encouragement, advocacy and support.

 To show how you still can RIDE after a bad experience! And not have to give up Biking/Triking and the lifestyle.


Membership is open to males and females who still ride or are trying to get back on. It is also open to their families and children and anyone wanting to support the work we do within the community of biking.

1. No adjustment to RIDE TIL WE ROT SOCIETY patches etc is permitted.

2. Upon joining as a RIDE TIL WE ROT SOCIETY, Australian members are entitled to apply for the 4’’ RIDE TIL WE ROT SOCIETY patches. (Full back patches are not permitted within Australia)

 3. The President, Vice President and Reps will form the committee and members may contact any of the above committee members to have their say on ideas. The committee are still only members and are there to help and guide where able.Any member who wishes to apply to become a Committee member in RIDE TIL WE ROT SOCIETY must have been in the RIDE TIL WE ROT SOCIETY for at least 6 months or more

4. Members may be involved with other clubs as a member/support member. As this Society is made up from people from various club backgrounds individual associations with other Groups are personal and do not necessarily reflect the RIDE TIL WE ROT SOCIETY ideals.


Take the time to try and get together with other members, bike clubs, life is short.

Spread the word! Riding after a crash is easier with company and support!

Show respect to any club you encounter, MC, MCC, RC, Brotherhood, Independent riders or any other groups. There are some great people out there!!

Remember, we are NOT a Motorcycle club; we're a society, better known as a Social Club and have no intention of ever trying to become a Motorcycle club.

Any member leaving or is asked to leave the society. Must surrender all RIDE TIL WE ROT SOCIETY patches to a rep or post them back. They will be repaid a 50% rate for the each patch as these are the property of RIDE TIL WE ROT SOCIETY

No member shall place anything on any media, web or forum that could be seen as discriminating. If you wish to place something publicly and are not too sure of the content please ask for help from the committee we are there to help and it could save embarrassment to you or the Society

Any member found misusing the good name of RIDE TIL WE ROT SOCIETY or causing trouble will be assessed and if found to be bringing the society into disrepute could face action including dismissal from the society.




         it should be hoped that the above guide lines are enough. Rules to this will be brought in should the need arise. At this time there is no need for rules. Common sense, and a common goal, and common decency should be all that is needed.


The only criteria for members wishing to hold any type of office, physically speaking, is that they are alive. No disability is a disability. This has also been made more possible, due to speaking programs on computers.


We have seen in the past years a wealth of club and society knowledge thrown away by individuals who have had such severe accidents that they do not think they could be a part of the biking community. Each person will be different and allowances made and help and assistance given to such members who are willing to take on any position. We will try to work round any disability, as knowledge, understanding, and commitment is not something we should let slip away within the biking world.




It is to be remembered that bikers past’s are what made biking history. Biker’s future history is what bikers will make.


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  • peter james
    commented 2018-01-30 04:44:20 +1100
    Just perfect
  • Mick  (bagman) Barton
    commented 2017-01-31 21:07:46 +1100
    sound advise