A brief Description of the society :-

                                                  Ride ’til We Rot Society International Was formed from some of the ex-members of the old C.O.B.B. Society (Crippled Old Biker Bastards). And some of the reasons we believed it stood for.


 We could not believe it when a few wanted to take it in a direction (MC) that most of us had no interest in. The founder and owner of the copyright on the badge decided the easiest way to stop this was to remove his permission for anybody to use his badge or logo.


 The majority of us wanted to keep the idea of a society to help fallen Bikers/Trikers alive no matter from what background they came. It was to be run along the same lines as the original C.O.B.B. idea


Its a shame that the old COBB logo is now available in made in china back patches in your local bike store and tourist trap. It was a great patch design but has been majorly downgraded by indiscriminate distribution by the commercial sector. I am fairly sure the original founder and designer isn't getting any royalties from those sales.


 That was all in 2006-7 and RTWR has gone from strength to strength with Members and Chapters all over the world.


We aim to complement all clubs in all countries not to compete with any.

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  • David Thomas
    commented 2017-04-16 04:44:27 +1000
    Became a COBB member while on the mend from a MC accident 11 years back. Bored & crusein’ thru the web out of boredom & found COBB. It’s a shame it is not like before, it was fun to commiserate with other’s who could relate. dt