Other options for Leg or Spinal Injuries.

An alternative to the expense and hassle of modifying a standard motorcycle is to choose one with automatic transmission, where all the bike’s functions are operated by hand controls. Great options vary from the classic Italian Vespa scooter, to the  “super scooter” Honda SilverWing and Suzuki 650 Burgman models that have the look and performance of modern motorcycles, to the Ridley cruiser that has the sound and appearance of a custom V-twin. Ridley also make these in automatic trikes.

Two challenges for above knee (AK) and back injured riders are keeping the bike upright while stopped, and operating the side stand.

Solutions for these challenges include choosing a prosthetic knee that is stable in an extended position and linking the side stand to a hand lever extender below the tank, there are even automatic drop wheels in the works.




Many above knee riders eliminate these issues by riding a motorcycle with a side car or a trike, both of which are more stable yet allow the freedom of motorcycling.



Full adaptions to a harley style trike for a wheelchair person.


or on a Spyder based vehicle


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