Right Leg

Most modern motorcycles operate the real wheel brake with a toe lever on the right side.

Modification options for right leg damage include either operating a modified right brake pedal with the prosthetic or damaged leg, moving the brake to the left side, or mounting a second brake lever in tandem to the front brake lever on the handlebar.



There are also thumb brakes where the rear brake is operated by a lever on the left hand side.




Another method coming to the fore is the Clake system, where a singleor dual lever system lever is used on one mounting to operate both the clutch and rear brake.


 Some BMW, Harley tourers, Guzzi, large Honda's and many other modern motorcycles now come with a linked anti-lock brake system that automatically inter-connects the front and back brakes and may eliminates the need for these changes, depending on the needs of the individual rider.

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