Mr  CLARK  —  "The  legislation  we  are  introducing will also include
further  measures  to  tackle criminal bikie and similar gangs who are
involved in drug trafficking and other crimes. A court will be able to
make  an order to ban these gangs or restrict their operations where a
gang  or  its  members  are engaged in any offences punishable by five
years  or  more imprisonment and an order is necessary or desirable to
protect community safety or prevent a threat to public order.

These  laws  will  also stop gang members escaping the law by quitting
one  gang  and  patching  over  to  another, as we have seen happen in
Queensland  in  recent  times. Restrictions will apply to gang members
even  if  they quit a gang, and if two or more members from a declared
organisation  join  another gang, their new gang will automatically be
deemed  to  be  involved in serious criminal activity without need for
further evidence.

Individuals  subject  to  control  orders  will  also  be  banned from
ownership of firearms, and any other members of declared organisations
will  be  presumed  not  to  be  fit  and  proper persons able to hold
firearms.  On  top of that, the legislation will strengthen the powers
of  the  chief  examiner to conduct compulsory examinations of persons
who  are  believed  to  have  information  about  organised crime gang
offences.   The   coalition  government  introduced  Victoria’s  first
anti-bikie  gang  laws after the previous government refused to do so.
We  are  now  moving  to  strengthen  those  laws even further. We are
picking  up on a growing body of experience interstate — in Queensland
and  other  jurisdictions  —  as  well as drawing on a growing body of
Victoria  Police experience in tackling these crimes. Unlike the Labor
government,  a  coalition government is not going to allow Victoria to
become  the  soft underbelly of bikie gang crime in Victoria. The laws
we   are   going  to  be  introducing  to  the  house  are  a  further
demonstration  that  this  government is committed to strong action to
tackle  criminal  bikie gangs, drug traffickers and other purveyors of
misery and death around this state."

Hansard of second reading on Thursday, 26th June.

"The bill will also enable police to obtain orders imposing a range of
restrictions  on  an  organisation  without  needing to prove criminal
activity   beyond   reasonable   doubt.   Proof   on  the  balance  of
probabilities will be sufficient."

"The   bill   will   also   introduce  provisions  into  the  Criminal
Organisations  Control  Act  that  specify that parties to proceedings
under the act will bear their own legal costs. The court will retain a
discretion  to  award  costs against a party who brings a frivolous or
vexatious  application.  The  bill  will  also  allow  individuals and
organisations  to  consent to the making of a declaration or a control


Perhaps some 1% ers should join the liberal party?

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