Why does ride til we rot exist.

The reason something exists is because there is a need for it or a reason for it. Within the Ride Til we Rot Society there are many reasons and needs....and none of them are about obtaining a patch.
Over a period of 40 years biking changed, but the fact we got injured did not. Sadly many lost their lives.
For those who have either been injured or had their pillions lost, or indeed families who have lost a relative there is a sense of ...will life ever be the same again? The simple answer to that is No.
The only way forward is change, and that can be in many different forms. Some will have a career change; some will have a lifestyle change, and to some life will never be as they knew it again.
Although a lot of bikers handle this well. Sadly some do not. Studies were done in both the UK and Australia and found that suicide in bikers were 17% higher than the national average within non-bikers. Looking at this cynically...the reason could have been that either bikers were better at it or there was a deeper problem.
Loneliness, depression, grief and alienation due to physical injuries and not being able to get back to the biking life were found to be the biggest culprits.
We have designed a society where bikers and families can seek friendship, ongoing help over many years, encouragement to ride again, medical advice, benefit advice, and all things bike advice from insurance to engineering.
. Although after being recovered enough they will be the ones that may have a back patch so people can see that they may need assistance from time to time. We would ask people to keep an eye on them and assist as some members are terminal.
We do not recognise the terms.... Disability, disabled, or the word cannot. Instead we believe we are all normal just doing things in an alternative way.
We are the face of evolution. We have evolved into what we are now; we carry on evolving so god help humanity. Please respect us for who we are now, because what we were is no longer possible. There is a wealth of talented people within the society. Accidents do not discriminate and happen to all.
Being a Rotter should mean that whatever difficulty a biker may have...from the boring mundane to the most serious they should not be left to feel alone, but genuinely know they have the support of like minded bikers not only in their own country but across the world. This has been the case for the last few years and new members should take a look at the past work of us all and if they are just joining us to get a patch .... Then be ashamed...because to all others it is a mark of respect and pride to any biker regardless of any club/society that we are there to assist in any way possible.
We are a long time dead, enjoy what we have now, motorcyclists come and go, a biker is forever.

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